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Meet Dee


Dee Adekugbe

Founder & President

DEE ADEKUGBE aka “Mama Dee” is the founder of the All Woman Ministry which inspires and empowers women to rise up and take their places in the 7 pillars of society.

Dee’s mantra and driving force which directs the way she lives her life daily is


“With God, nothing is impossible, and everything is possible.”

From a rough and tough background born in Nigeria, growing up in London England and now living in Alberta, Canada, Dee is a resilient woman who has gone through many challenges and setbacks, and refuses to give up or quit. 


"Shaken many times! but refuses to be broken!"


She is an international speaker, an author, a mentor, an advocate against domestic violence, a community leader, who sits on many boards and

most importantly a child and servant of the living God.


Dee is an international speaker, who has spoken on many platforms including church programs, conferences, business meetings and mass media (television, radio and online platforms), as a keynote speaker and panel expert.



Dee is also the founder and president of The Deborahs Company Mentorship through which she coaches and inspires many women to fulfill their dreams and purposes. She educates, exposes and elevates all her Deborahs to achieve greatness.



She is the founder of Ruth's House Canada, and advocates for women and families affected by domestic violence and family crisis.


Finally, Dee is married to Ben and is blessed with five amazing and talented children. Together, they pastor the Genesis Life Centre, in Calgary, Alberta. A church where everyone can experience a new beginning in life. 

Our Mission
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